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Complete Alarms installs Bosch home security alarm systems for all households throughout Sydney. We know security is important, thats why you’re reading this page. We use high quality products only.

Feel Protected In Your Sydney Home Are you looking for home security? Let one of our qualified staff take the guess work out of securing your household and loved ones. Our staff are specialists, and trained to make recommendations to suit all household needs. We can set up your alarm so that you can easily arm the entire system or partially arm rooms that you would like armed at night, whilst leaving other rooms off. You can add panic buttons, movement detectors and door and window sensors or even smoke detectors., they can call a mobile phone or be monitored back to base. There are many options and we are more than happy to assist. We get a had a lot of calls from customers daily wishing they had installed an alarm right after they have been robbed! Don’t be another one of these!


Alarm Pack 1 – Designed for Single Storey Homes – $990 Fully Installed incl GST


  • Bosch Solution 2000 ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • 3 x Bosch Blue line Hardwired movement detectors (PIRs)
  • 1 x External “Classic” style or “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
  • 1x Internal siren (piezo)
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • LCD Keypad
  • Cables & connectors
  • 24 Months WARRANTY on all parts & labour

Available Extras:

+ 275 Two remotes and a receiver. Each additional remote thereafter is 99.
+ 99 Wired reed switches (for doors / windows) + 440 Ethernet Module for Arm / Disarm / Notification via Internet to your Bosch app
+ 110 For each additional PIR sensor + 330 GSM Dialler Unit (sim card alert unit)
+ 77 For each upgrade to a Wired pet friendly sensor. Each additional pet sensor is 187.  +1900  Takex Wireless Perimeter Beam (up to 100m)
+ 165 Wired smoke alarms. Connect your smoke alarms and never have to change the battery again
 +165 Upgrade to 4.3′ touch screen  + 33 Back to base monitoring via landline (330 once off for GPRS module)

Alarm Pack 2   – Designed for Large Single Storey Homes – $1,210 Fully Installed incl GST


  • Bosch Solution 3000  Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • 5 x Bosch Blue line movement detectors
  • 1x Bosch LCD keypad
  • 1x External classic or Slimline siren with blue strobe
  • 1x Internal siren
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • Cables & connectors
  • 24 Months WARRANTY on all parts & labour
  • For Double Storey Home installations, + 200 to package price due to extra wiring and labour

Available Extras:

+275 Two remotes and a receiver. Each additional remote thereafter is $99.
+ 99 Wired reed switches (for doors / windows) + 440
Ethernet Module for Arm / Disarm / Notification via Internet to your Bosch app
+ 110 For each additional PIR sensor + 330 GSM Dialler Unit (sim card alert unit)
+ 77 For each upgrade to a pet friendly sensor. Each additional pet sensor is $187. (up to 45kg)  +1900 Takex Wireless Peimeter Beam (up to 100m)
+ 165 Wired smoke alarms. Connect your smoke alarms and never have to change the battery again  + 33  Back to base monitoring (330 once off for GPRS module)
 +165  Upgrade to touch screen

Alarm Pack 3 (Semi-Wireless) – Designed for two – three storey homes – $1,474 Fully Installed incl GST


  • Bosch Solution 3000  Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • 2x Bosch Wireless movement detectors
  • 1x Bosch Hardwired movement detector
  • 2x Bosch remote controls
  • 1x Bosch LCD keypad
  • 1x External classic or Slimline siren with blue strobe
  • 1x Internal siren
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • 24 Months WARRANTY on all parts & labour

Available Extras:

+ 99 For each additional remote needed  +1900 Takex Wireless Peirmeter Beam (up to 100m)
+ 176 For each wireless reed switches (for doors / windows) + 440 Ethernet Module for Arm / Disarm / Notification via Internet to your Bosch app
+ 220 For each additional wireless PIR sensor +330 GSM Dialler Unit (sim card alert unit)
+ 95 Pet sensor under 38kg   +95.
 +165 Upgrade to touch screen  $33 p/m  Back to base alarm monitoring (330 once off for GPRS module)

HIKVISION AX PRO ALARM SYSTEM – Completely Wireless with Image Verification Options

OPTION 1 –Hikvision AX Pro Alarm with Normal PIR sensors – $1430 Fully Installed inc GST

Package Snapshot:

1 x AX Pro main panel with built in siren
2 x Wireless PIR Detector (up to 30kg) sensor  (DS-PDP15P-EG2-WB)  **non camera model **
1 x Wireless Reed switch (for doors or windows)
2 x Hikvision AX PRO remote controls
1 x Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Outdoor Sounder / Strobe
24 months parts & Labour warranty

OPTION 2 – Hikvision AX Pro Alarm with PIR Camera sensors – $1738 Fully Installed incl GST

Package Snapshot:

1 x AX Pro main panel
2 x Hikvision PIRCAM pet friendly (up to 30kg) sensor  (DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WB)  ** image verification model**
1 x Wireless Reed switch (for doors or windows)
2 x Hikvision AX PRO remote controls
1 x Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Outdoor Sounder / Strobe
24 months parts & Labour warranty

Get instant and efficient verification. IVaaS (Intrusion Verification as a Service) Technology supports sending one 7-second event video clip or up to 20 photos via Hik- Connect or by Email for timely verification.



This panel can connect via both ethernet cable or dual sim cards. If you’d like the sim card options, you’d need to provide these. The panel will use the data on these sim cards to allow you to control the alarm + do notification

Available Extras:

Add On Extras Add On Extras
+ 210 For an additional pet friendly camera PIR sensor +99 Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Magnetic Contact
+ 150 For each additional PIR sensor +99 Hikvision AX PRO Series Portable Wireless Emergency Button
+198 Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Outdoor Sounder / Strobe +99 Hikvision AX PRO Series Wall Mounted Wireless Emergency Button

Alarm Pack 4 (16+ Zones) – Designed for Sophisticated Homes – $2860 Fully Installed incl GST

  • Bosch 6000 Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • Bosch 4.3” Touchscreen
  • 1x Bosch 6000 LCD Keypad
  • 4 x Pet Friendly wired tritech sensors
  • 1 x External “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
  • 2 x Internal siren (piezo)
  • 1 x SMS Module (allows you to arm / disarm / receive notifications. You’ll need to provide a sim card)
  • 2 x remote controls
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • Cables & connectors
  • 24 Months WARRANTY on all parts & labour

Available Extras:

Add + Extras Add + Extras
+ 99 Wired reed switches (for doors / windows) + 165 Panic Alarm
+ 110 For each additional PIR sensor $33 p/m Back to base alarm monitoring
+ 55 / +95 Pet sensor under 13kg  +55/ Pet sensor between 13 and 38 kg  +95.  +440  Bosch 6000 Ethernet module for Arm / Disarm / notifications
+ 165 Wired smoke alarms. Connect your smoke alarms and never have to change the battery again

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can you install an alarm?

    It really depends on the season. Sometimes we’re booked out for two weeks, other times, we can book you in the day after you contact us. If your job is urgent, let us know and we’ll try and squeeze you in as soon as we can.

    A typical alarm takes around 4-6 hours to install.


  • I’m building a new home, at what stage can I have my alarm installed?

    We usually install your alarm system once the builder hands over the home to you. We will run any cables through the roof so you won’t get any unsightly wires.

    The exception of this rule is when you want a really comprehensive / custom alarm system for a double / triple storey home. If you’re in this scenario, it is best to engage us as before the plaster goes up so we can organise all the wiring. However, if you’re in this boat and you’re happy with a standard wireless alarm system like Alarm Pack 3, then we can install this once your home is complete.

  • What is the difference between a wired and wireless alarm system?

    In a wired system, the detectors communicated with the control panel via wires. The wireless system’s detectors communicates with the control panel wirelessly.

    For most single storey homes, we recommend wired systems as we can lay the wires in the roof space of the house.

    We recommend wireless alarms for double storey homes or homes where getting the wiring around is quite difficult, especially if your home is completely built.

    The wireless system is extremely reliable and the batteries for each detector has been known to last up to 5 years of everyday use. They can also be a significant distance away from the control panel – great if your garage is separate to the house.

  • What is an alarm zone?

    A zone in alarm terminology is basically a space for a sensor. An alarm with 8 zones can handle up to 8 detectors – whether they are PIRs or reed switches or smoke detectors. The sensors are assigned to zones and when a sensor is trigger the system informs you which zone a sensor has been triggered. An alarm with 16 zones can handle up to 16 sensors.

    Our home alarm systems give you the option to program zones so that sensors assigned to them cause the system to respond differently when they are triggered.  All the alarms we offer can handle “Stay at home” mode and “Away mode”. This allows you to have certain areas of the home armed while you are at home. The technician will organise this for you on the day of the install.

  • What is a PIR?

    passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems.

  • How long does the alarm backup battery last?

    We find that in general, the alarm backup battery will last around 5 years without needing replacement. The alarm will let you know when you need to replace this by beeping.

    Give us a call when you need replacement and we’ll be sure to help you. A battery service is usually a flat 200 fee.

  • How do I get notified my alarm has gone off?

    Your alarm when triggered will make a deafening sound for around 10 minutes.

    If you have a phone line and choose the “Alarm connection to phone line” upgrade, we can program it so that it rings up to three numbers when an alarm is triggered. When the call is picked up, it will make a siren noise to let you know the alarm has been triggered. This is the most popular option.

    You may choose to call your neighbour or family / friends to check up on your property.

    If you choose to add Back to base monitoring, then an alarm monitoring centre will call your mobiles to let you know. They may then send out a security car to check up on the property for a fee.

  • Will your packages do? or do I need more?

    It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

    If you’re concerned about burglars marching around your premises while you’re not around, then the pre-designed Alarm packages will suffice for either a home or business. The detectors will usually go into the common areas of the premises – these are the areas a burglar would usually go to – to look for valuables. Feel free to add more detectors if your location is large.

    If you are concerned that an intruder would come into your premises without walking into one of the common areas served by the detectors, then we could implement reed switches on doors and windows so that if a window or door were opened while the alarm is armed, then it would trigger the alarm.

  • What Warranties do you have on your products?

    All Bosch alarms come with a 24 month parts warranty and 12 months labour.

    All CCTV systems we use come with a 24 months warranty for parts & labour.

  • What payment options are available?

    Cash, bank deposit, EFTPOS and cheque are all OK.

    Credit cards – Mastercard and Visa are OK, but there is a 1.5% surcharge for this method of payment.

    This is expected to be payable on completion of the job or other terms as discussed with our team.

  • Do all your prices include GST and Labour?


Ways To Buy

ways-to-buy1 ways-to-buy2 ways-to-buy3 Call Back

Are you searching for a reliable security solution that offers unparalleled protection for your property in Sydney? Look no further than Complete Alarms, the leading provider of cutting-edge alarm systems featuring top brands like Bosch and Hikvision. We are committed to delivering comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Here’s why Complete Alarms is the ideal choice for your alarm installation requirements:

  1. Premium Brands: We have partnered with renowned manufacturers like Bosch and Hikvision to bring you the most advanced alarm systems available. These brands are globally recognized for their exceptional quality, reliability, and innovative features, ensuring the utmost protection for your home or business.
  2. Customized Solutions: At Complete Alarms, we understand that every property is unique, and security needs vary. Our experienced team takes the time to assess your specific requirements, considering factors such as property size, layout, and potential vulnerabilities. This allows us to design a tailored alarm system that addresses your precise security concerns.
  3. State-of-the-Art Technology: Our alarm systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including advanced motion sensors, door/window sensors, keypads, and control panels. With features such as mobile app integration and remote access, you can monitor and control your security system anytime, anywhere.
  4. Professional Installation: Our highly skilled technicians have extensive experience in installing alarm systems from Bosch and Hikvision. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every component is properly installed and calibrated for optimal performance. You can trust our experts to handle the installation process seamlessly, minimizing any disruption to your routine.
  5. Comprehensive Support: Complete Alarms is committed to your satisfaction beyond the installation. We provide ongoing support, including system maintenance, software updates, and troubleshooting assistance. Our dedicated team is always available to address any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring your alarm system operates at its peak efficiency.
  6. Competitive Pricing: We believe that top-notch security should be accessible to everyone. Complete Alarms offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden costs, making it easier for you to invest in the safety and security of your property.

Don’t compromise on the security of your home or business. Choose Complete Alarms as your trusted partner for Bosch and Hikvision alarm installations in Sydney. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you take the first step towards a safer and more secure future.

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Alarm Battery Servicing / Replacement

For a flat fee of $250, we will come by and change your battery in your alarm system. Simply give us a call and let us know when, where and an ideal time and we’ll book you in!   Ways To Buy    

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GSM Dialler Unit

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Perimeter Alarm System

Are you worried about someone breaking in to your home while you’re sleeping and not knowing about it?

Perimeter Alarms

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Areas we Serve

Complete Alarms provides Alarm & CCTV supply and installation services to most of Sydney and beyond. In order to see if your area is served by us, please kindly find your suburb below: https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-abbotsbury https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-abbotsford https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-acacia-gardens https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-agnes-banks https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-airds https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-alexandria https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-alfords-point https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-allambie-heights https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-allawah https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-ambarvale https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-annandale https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-annangrove https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-arcadia https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-arncliffe https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-arndell-park https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-artarmon https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-ashbury https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-ashcroft https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-ashfield https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-asquith https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-auburn https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-austinmer https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-austral https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-avalon https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-badgerys-creek https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-balgowlah https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-balgowlah-heights https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-balmain https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-balmain-east https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bangor https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-banksia https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-banksmeadow https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bankstown https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bankstown-aerodrome https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-barangaroo https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-barden-ridge https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bardia https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bardwell-park https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bardwell-valley https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bass-hill https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-baulkham-hills https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bayview https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beacon-hill https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beaconsfield https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beaumont-hills https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beecroft https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-belfield https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bella-vista https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bellevue-hill https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-belmore https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-belrose https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berala https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berkshire-park https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berowra https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berowra-creek https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berowra-heights https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berowra-waters https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-berrilee https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beverley-park https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-beverly-hills https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bexley https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bexley-north https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bidwill https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-bilgola https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-birchgrove https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-birrong https://www.completealarms.com.au/alarm-systems-blackett […]

Wired Or Non Wired, That is the question

The question to install wired or non-wired alarm system does seem trivial, but its effect comes long. Hence, it is essential to know how these two systems mimic or differ from each other. For wired alarm system, detectors and the control panels are connected together by the same wire, whereas such connection does not exist in non-wired alarm system. Moreover, wired alarm system may be perfect for offices, single storey homes, or apartments because wiring works is straight forward within these premises. In an office, wires can be lay alongside with lighting wires; for single storey homes, wiring can be […]

The Zone of An Alarm System

Zones can have different meaning when we speak in the context of an alarm system. First and foremost, it refers to the number of sensors that an alarm system can hold. If an alarm system permits eight zones, it means that there a total of eight sensors in the system. As such, eight different locations will be monitored by the same system at the same time. When a particular sensor is activated, one can have a clear idea which area is being affected. Some alarm systems permeates the expansion to 16 or 32 zones.   Usually, zones radiate infrared so […]

False Alarms?

It is impossible not to catch an alarm when it goes off because the siren will run for at least 10 minutes till the system id deactivated. When an alarm is being triggered, besides manually shutting down the system to terminate the siren, systems that are connected to mobile phones will ring the users up.   Others may inform neighbours or relatives or remote service or call centres that are on 24/7 stand-by may be alerted, so that a qualified security officer will be sent to the activated premises to attend to the situation. There are also incidences, even though […]

Is there such a thing called “The best alarm system”

Every venue is different and the reasons to why surveillance systems are employed may vary too. Thus, there seem to be no such thing as “the best alarm system”. While “best” is not achievable, “reliable” is not. Let’s take a look at what make up a trust-worthy alarm system. Most of the time, prospective users spent great deal of their time, figuring out how the surveillance system works or how to use them in an accurate manner. In reality, it is better for one to pay more attention to the context in which the system is going to be in. […]

How do I plan for a suitable alarm system

You will know if a surveillance system is suitable by making several assessments. Such assessments may come in a form of questionnaire which contain all, if not, majority of such questions. For example, new users can embark by asking if their systems will be found in isolated areas and also the kind of things they wish to safeguard. Furthermore, if there is/are entry or exit area(s) within the premise(s) of interest, if so, how many of them will require constant attention and monitoring. Ultimately, if there is a need to protect the area from other fire or flood etc.   […]

B426 Ethernet Communication Module for 2000/3000

ARM / DISARM AND GET NOTIFICATIONS VIA YOUR SMARTPHONE! The B426 Conettix Ethernet Communication Module is a four-wire powered SDI, SDI2, and Option bus device that provides two-way communication with compatible control panels over IPv4 or IPv6 Ethernet networks Datasheet – B426_Datasheet_Data_sheet_enUS_10683754507 RSC+ App Spec Sheet Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) is the latest app available on IOS and AndroidOS for the Solution 2000 & 3000 panels. The app, cloud connection and push notifications are all free. Each user of RSC+ app is able to receive push notifications from one or multiple panels which you can configure so that you are […]

Alarms - Take the time now, and save yourself trouble later

Protecting your home is about thinking ahead. Sure, you might have never had the horrible experience of the invasion of your privacy by a burglar, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen to you. If you’re about to move into a new home, now is the time to prepare for the unexpected and take your security seriously. At Complete Alarms, our Home Alarm Systems are designed and installed to suit your individual home, so that you can rest assured that everything inside is perfectly protected. Our standard packages cover a great range of options to suit different size properties, […]

New home? Get yourself a new feeling of security with a Home Alarm

If you’re currently in the middle of moving home, and you’re reading this article – congratulations! Not only will you find yourself in a wonderful new property soon, but if you complete the course you’re now on and get your new home properly protected with a Bosch alarm system from Complete Alarms, then you’re set-up for years of comfort and security. You can get started with booking your installation as soon as construction is underway. If you want a wireless system or your home is pre-wired, we can install when you are just moving in – it doesn’t have to […]