New Home Alarm Systems for Your Humble Abode

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When on the midst of house building, you get faced by a lot of difficult situations with regards to the construction of the house. Sometimes you also get issues with the neighborhood and you end up fretting over the worst case scenarios in your head.

One of the things you shouldn’t forget during the finishing of the house is the installation of an alarm system. There are too many risks in going unprotected. You need to ensure your house is safe including the people you live with. Most new houses are vulnerable to theft during the first weeks of construction so you need to install an alarm system as soon as possible.

Luckily, Complete Alarms answers to all your needs the earliest time possible. They provide two different new home alarm systems for all newly constructed homes in Sydney. If you want to know how much you’ll need to get an installation, give the company a call and they will provide you with a reasonable quote.

What type of alarm system do I need?

Although it’s best to say that it depends on your house’s security needs, a new house is completely exposed to danger. If you don’t plan on putting alarm systems, you might get several lawn trespassers for a while until the excitement about the new house dies down. You are given two options by Complete Alarms:

  • Alarm Pack 1 –it is a package designed for one-storey houses. You get a set of siren devices, motion detectors, batteries, remote control among others. You get a lifetime warranty on the workmanship.
  • Alarm Pack 3 – it is a package designed for houses with two or more floor levels. The system makes use of a wireless set-up and comes with similar devices as the first package.

When is the best time to get one?

The sooner you do the better. The great thing about asking for an installation during the construction lie on the fact that security systems are made of connecting wires and cables. If you don’t want to have your new home getting wrapped with running cables on the ceiling, you can request for a hidden terminal to be built from your building contractor. This way you get a fully-secured house without ruining the interior design.

Contact Complete Alarms now if you want to secure your humble home immediately. It is very important to be alert at all times. You never know what can happen.