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Warehouses and factories have large open and closed spaces that can sometimes make it difficult for floor managers or floor supervisors to keep an eye on every activity. Especially when the warehouse can sometimes be filled to the ceiling with equipment, inventory, or crates of supplies, you would really want a clear view of every possible area of your warehouse plus the delivery activities outside the warehouse.
Below is just a sample floor plan layout of what Complete Alarms recommend when it comes to installing your security package.

Warehouse / Factory Floor Plan with 8 connected CCTV camera surveillance and a standard Bosch Alarm system.

red-cctv A standard CCTV to monitor any hazards or issues on your assembly line.



blue-camera A requisite to place a camera in a close position to the entrance which allows high visibility of all entrants and departures from the warehouse.


green-cctv A necessary CCTV camera to monitor all inventory/ supplies in the storage area of your warehouse.



purple-cctvInstalling a walkway monitor that allows internal office staff to monitor common walkways to ensure staff are free from hazards and adhere to Company policies.


black-cctvImportant external cameras to monitor all outdoor activities on deliveries and potential intruders outside warehouse hours.


monitor A high clarity monitor will ensure your team can keep watch on all warehouse activities from the office. All Complete Alarm CCTV packages comes with a free connection to mobile and tablet devices, so you can see what’s happening in your warehouse anywhere and at all hours.


alarm-keypad Standard Bosch alarm system will give you peace of mind from any intruders and burglary outside store hours. All Complete Alarm installations come with mobile phone alerts when the warehouse alarm has been triggered.


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