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Our customers refer us because we give them our:



We have a very Simple Triple Home Security Guarantee

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An experienced and licensed technician will service your alarm / CCTV / Intercom system.

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All Bosch alarms come with a 24 month parts warranty, our CCTV  comes with 24 months warranty. Intercom Systems come with 12 months parts warranty. Our workmanship warranty is applicable over the parts warranty period.

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If there is something wrong with the product or workmanship within the warranty period from the date of the installation, we will attend to the issue as soon as we can (usually within a few days).


We are very serious about service and customer service.



Complete Alarm Solutions shall not be liable under the preceding clause or covered by any warranty if the defect is the result of: (a). improper use or mismanagement by the Customer; (b). operation of the Goods other than in accordance with its authorised use(s) and/or the operating manual relevant to instruction in the use of the Goods; (c). use of the Goods in a manner not reasonably contemplated by Complete Alarm Solutions; (d). modification of the Goods not authorised by Complete Alarm Solutions; (e). use of the Goods in a manner contrary to law; (f). the Goods are subjected to unusual or non-recommended physical, environmental or electrical stress; (g). reinstallation or moving of the Goods by a person other than Complete Alarm Solutions; (h). use of the Goods by a person other than the Customer and/or its authorised employees; (I). the Customer’s failure to comply with any terms of these Conditions; (j). the Customer’s failure or refusal to install engineering changes or enhancements recommended by Complete Alarm Solutions; or (k). the serial number being removed or defaced. (l). if the system has been serviced by anyone other than Complete Alarm Solutions (m). the system contains components or cabling that were not provided by Complete Alarm Solutions or as part of a new installation by Complete Alarm Solutions.


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