Alarms – Take the time now, and save yourself trouble later

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Protecting your home is about thinking ahead. Sure, you might have never had the horrible experience of the invasion of your privacy by a burglar, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen to you. If you’re about to move into a new home, now is the time to prepare for the unexpected and take your security seriously.

At Complete Alarms, our Home Alarm Systems are designed and installed to suit your individual home, so that you can rest assured that everything inside is perfectly protected. Our standard packages cover a great range of options to suit different size properties, and we have all the optional extras you might need to customise your alarm.

Always the best service and quality

Whatever type and size of house you are looking to secure, we have an alarm system package to suit you. We use renowned supplier Bosch for our alarms and you choose how many detectors you need, and whether you want any extras. Our packages start at $880 fully installed and we are one of the few companies to promise no hidden charges or maintenance fees. Once you have paid for installation of your package, your only ongoing concern is your battery, which needs to be changed every five years for a flat fee of £200 per service. See what we mean? No hidden costs for the lifetime of your alarm!

A great range of options

Based on whether your house is larger or more compact, or has multiple floors, we can provide a standard alarm system which covers the needs of most people. Based on the suitability of your property (and whether or not the build is complete), we offer wired and wireless options. We even offer our gold-standard package which incorporates the very latest technology leaving very little out – for those of you with a sophisticated home.

Before you get in touch to arrange a quote, here are a few things to consider when designing your alarm system:

  • How many zones do you need within your home? Your alarm will employ PIRs (motion detectors) in each zone which will trigger the alarm if movement is detected. You just need to decide how many detectors you will need for the distinct areas of your home. We can provide special pet-sensitive detectors, and all zones can be set up in At Home / Away modes for when you are travelling.
  • Do you want to add perimeter protection? Think about whether you need protection for your windows, doors and garages – i.e. every entry point to your home. We can easily add this to your package.
  • What do you want to happen when the alarm is triggered? As standard, our Bosch alarms are 100-110 decibels and will sound for 10 minutes. You’ll have an internal and external alarm, so you can choose to rely on this deafening sound raising the alarm with neighbours. Alternatively, if your phone line is wired into your alarm then you can opt to receive a notification on up to three phone numbers, so you’ll know straight away that the alarm has been activated.

A history of great security systems across Sydney

We have supplied hundreds of Sydney residents with complete alarm systems. All our Bosch alarms come with a 24 months parts warranty and 12 months labour warranty. You won’t regret calling Complete Alarms to secure your home. We are also a proud member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited, so peace of mind is assured.

Call us now or book online today using the easy form on our website.