The Zone of An Alarm System

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Zones can have different meaning when we speak in the context of an alarm system. First and foremost, it refers to the number of sensors that an alarm system can hold. If an alarm system permits eight zones, it means that there a total of eight sensors in the system. As such, eight different locations will be monitored by the same system at the same time. When a particular sensor is activated, one can have a clear idea which area is being affected. Some alarm systems permeates the expansion to 16 or 32 zones.


Usually, zones radiate infrared so that objects in motion can be captured, hence, they are also known as Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR sensor). Zones can be computed in such a way that it reacts in accordance to the circumstances in which they shall be activated. For example, the “present” or “absent” mode, in which certain areas will not be monitored closely when occupants are present. At the end of the day, all these information will be sent back to the control panel – the brain of the whole alarm system.


Another meaning which zones carry will be the area under surveillance. Sometimes, there can be multiple sensors within one zone of surveillance, so that when one is disabled, there are others at stand-by. Another possibility is one may want to disable the motion sensor when they are at home, while others remained activated; or to deactivate the sensor at a particular window so that one can open it when they are at home.


With the above considerations, it is important to consult experts prior to installation so that one can have a clear idea which sensors are to be paired together within a certain surveillance zone. On top of surveillance, environmental sensors are also no stranger to such alarm system. These sensors are able to detect smoke, poisonous gases, or particles that may cause harm to people. Thus, it is important to determine the positions of zones and also zones of surveillance so that false alarm will not happen.