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Our Pride and Joy                                             

This home has been the focal point of man’s existence since time immemorial. It has reigned supreme as being the most valuable possession and it is for this reason, a family will guard it against all menaces from within or without, including the most dreaded of all – burglary. A family will go to any lengths to protect their pride and joy and this has been the custom for millennia. A man will ensure that the home for himself and his family has strong doors, lofty or well secured windows, safe stairways, clear grounds and so on. But despite all the bother and care, burglars somehow continue to make intrusions into his privacy and that of his family. However, burglar activities have been progressively thwarted over the years through the enterprising activities of security companies like Complete Alarms.

The fighter in the ring

In line with other countries, the emergence and development of safety and security companies who have carried the fight against burglary to new heights, has also occurred in Australia. One of the creations of this preventive crusade has been the creation of a company called Complete Alarms located in Sydney and who, like its contemporary competitors has also introduced the use of two highly effective anti-burglary systems – the alarm system and the CCTV surveillance system.

The alarm system

There are systems for both homes and business premises that consist mainly of a wide variety of tech gadgetry that can be configured together to form identifiable, tangible and very effective alarm systems for keeping a home safe from unwanted intrusions. There are home security alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, wireless alarm systems as well as video intercom systems. You name it, Complete Alarms has it and the most interesting part of all is the price tag! For all their sophistication and modernity, they are all reasonably priced and many customers have been truly amazed at this phenomenon!  You doubt it? Come see for yourself.

The CCTV system

This system would just have to be the cream of the crop. It effectively puts everything under the spyglass; every movement whether yours or someone else (like a burglar) on the monitor and you can watch as the action unravels itself. The cameras come in sets of 4s and 8s along with their wizardry gadgets and push buttons. They’re truly amazing and again, for the quality, sophistication and effectiveness their prices are just out of this world. You don’t believe it? You are invited to come and have a look around. You’ll be truly amazed like the man on the Complete Alarms front page with eyes wide open and his utter disbelieving “Wow” comment when we pointed to the price of just one of our CCTV systems.

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