Wired Or Non Wired, That is the question

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The question to install wired or non-wired alarm system does seem trivial, but its effect comes long. Hence, it is essential to know how these two systems mimic or differ from each other. For wired alarm system, detectors and the control panels are connected together by the same wire, whereas such connection does not exist in non-wired alarm system.

Moreover, wired alarm system may be perfect for offices, single storey homes, or apartments because wiring works is straight forward within these premises. In an office, wires can be lay alongside with lighting wires; for single storey homes, wiring can be done overhead via the rooftop. Wired alarm system is also welcome in semi-furnished households. Therefore, if you are considering installing an alarm system, it is best to contact relevant agent early. However, it is also possible to camouflage the wiring under plaster or paint, minimising the possibility of unsightly scene.

Non-wired alarm system is more suitable if homes are more than a level high or if the overall surveillance space is too wide and challenging for complete wiring to take place. Non-wired alarm system is also common if a part of the building (i.e. garage or store room) is away from the main building.

Basically, the differences between the two systems are not apparent except the way information is being transmitted. Wired and Wireless alarm system users usually have their mobile phones connected to the system so that they can be contacted readily when the alarm triggers; or the system can also be connected to a remote monitoring center so that actions during emergency are immediate.  Do take note that there is a battery life to all non-wired alarm systems but if the system is under constant maintenance, this is definitely a minor issue.

It is also not uncommon to see a combination of both wired and non-wired systems, that is either to have a wired sensor coming with a wireless control panel so that it can be manipulated by mobile phone or external system distantly; or a wireless sensor but the control panel is monitored by a wired landline or phone line connection. As a result, the best way to access the suitability is to have a good understanding of the area under surveillance. If the monitored area discourages big installing works to take place, it is best to have a non-wired system installed.