GSM Dialler Unit

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A GSM dialler allows your alarm to communicate with the outside world via a SIM card. The Ness 3G GSM Dialler provides a full time 3G GSM pathway for alarm diallers to communicate in the absence of a land line. Ideal for “Naked phone line” households, remote locations and anywhere you need easy and reliable dialler monitoring via GSM.

We can set this up to ring your mobile to alert you when the alarm has been set off. We can also use this dialler to connect to a back to base monitoring provider.

Cost of the unit is 275 (includes installation)

If you’re after a cheap long expiry mobile sim card, please check out Aldi mobile – $5 sim card with 365 day expiry.


GSM Compatibility 3G GSM
SIM CARD Requires a 3G compatible GSM SIM card (Not supplied)
Alarm Panel compatibility Compatible with all most alarm diallers in Contact ID DTMF and Voice formats,
Including all Ness systems (e.g. D8X/D16X Series, D8xD / D16XD Series,
SmartLiving Series and M1 Series)
Operation Voltage 12VDC (P;ug Pack Supplied)
Battery Backup Internal rechargeable Battery (Included)
Battery Backup Time max. 48 Hours
Power Consumption 25mA (Standby), 300mA (Communicating)
Antenna 3dB whip with magnetic base and 2.9m Cable length
Dimensions 175 x 115 x 35 mm
Weight 200g
Operation Temperature 0°C to +50°C