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Added Security to Your Home

Nothing can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed than adding a home alarm system for extra security of your house and those that live with you. You must realize however that there are so many different types of alarm systems out there, it sometimes become very difficult to choose the ideal alarm system that will suit your particular needs. At Complete Alarms our security experts can provide you with professional assistance on selecting the right type of alarm system for your house and inform you on exactly how the system will improve its security.

Opting for a monitored home alarm system

Home alarm systems can be divided into two main streams of either being monitored or unmonitored. A monitored system is where a private company keeps a lookout on your home and immediately contact the police if something suspicious has happened at your home and you can’t be reached by any means. The other method is by having an unmonitored system that will automatically sound the alert when a break in has occurred and alert your neighbours. The first depends on the quick response by police, the second by your neighbours.

Which option to go for

Both types of alarm systems are effective but one can be more effective than the other given different circumstances. Most of our customers tend to prefer the monitored system because it is connected to the police who are more of a deterrent to burglars than your neighbours. A thief will quickly vacate an intended target if armed police appear but will be less intimidated when an unarmed neighbour with only a barking dog approaches the crime scene. At Complete Alarms we would encourage you to opt for the monitored system.

A standard telephone line is always a need

Despite the influx and availability of a variety of technological gadgets and aids on the market, a truly effective alarm system is always complemented by the presence of a standard hard telephone line. At Complete Alarms we never regard our alarm systems are complete without the installation of a telephone line in the house that will alert our customers the moment a breach of security has occurred. We always ensure that the telephone lines we supply and connect to your house is trustworthy and fully functional to deal with any emergency.

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