New home? Get yourself a new feeling of security with a Home Alarm

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If you’re currently in the middle of moving home, and you’re reading this article – congratulations! Not only will you find yourself in a wonderful new property soon, but if you complete the course you’re now on and get your new home properly protected with a Bosch alarm system from Complete Alarms, then you’re set-up for years of comfort and security.

You can get started with booking your installation as soon as construction is underway. If you want a wireless system or your home is pre-wired, we can install when you are just moving in – it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming!

We can help design the perfect alarm system for your individual home

We can help you with every decision you need to make – from the package you need based on the size of your property (from $880 fully fitted), to the extras you want to add on to make the system work perfectly for you and your family.

If you’re moving into a new build property and the construction is not complete, talk to your builder about how many zones you will require – this will decide how many detectors you need to have, and where. You might want to have pet-sensitive detectors fitted, or sensors for windows and doors. You can opt to set your detectors up so that they are only active when you are not in the house, or for when you are in bed at night. Another great option is to have your smoke alarms wired in as an additional safety feature – no risk that they will stop working because of a dead battery.

When the alarm goes off, it will be loud. If you can’t rely on your neighbours to alert you because you’re in a new development, you can have a phone alert added to the system, so that you can be notified whenever the alarm has gone off.

The next part’s easy.

Once you’ve decided on your alarm system, we’ll get you a quote (or you can figure it all out yourself using our clear pricing structure on our website – remember, no hidden extras as everything’s included!). Then you can rely on our experienced fitters and the great testimonies of hundreds of other satisfied customers to reassure yourself you’ve made the best choice in protecting the things that matter to you most.

Call us now or use our website to book in today. We’re available every day!