Adding Resell Value to Your Home with Security Alarms

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Truly, security alarms provide safety value to homeowners. Anyone who has set up an alarm system in his house feels protected inside his home. But it does more than that! Homeowners who decided to sell their homes that have security alarms found that this protective system actually jacks up the appraisal value of the property.

Before you go on a buying frenzy to set up an alarm system, you must first identify what type of security you need for your home. If you’re planning to sell your property, think about the future owners’ security needs. A fingerprint-activated entry lock surely is fancy, but is it practical? A motion sensor security system in all areas of the house can be neat, but will a future owner who works on graveyard shift will certainly find it annoying every time he goes home and the alarm system sends out false warnings. If the system becomes more of a problem to the homeowner than a solution, your security investment might just be a dud.

Setting Up the Most Appropriate Alarm System
Property buyers value alarm systems because they provide security wherever the homeowner is. In fact, an investment in an alarm system can help lower down insurance cost by as much as 20%. Thus, it provides both security and monetary benefit to the homeowner.

A basic alarm system that is generally acceptable to most homeowners is the way to go if you are going to invest in it to make your house more marketable. The basic system may include entry door sensors, outdoor lighting that is motion-activated, window sensors for openings that can be easily accessed, and a system that directly links to a security monitoring service.

The key to an effective alarm system that will work for most people is non-intrusiveness. The system must be in place, but it must not interfere with the daily routine of the residents. It provides a sense of security without being intrusive. After all, the alarm system is put in place to deter intruders and not hinder the homeowners.

Cost-effectiveness of Alarm Systems
There are numerous ways to increase the resale value of any home. This can include adding a garage, refurbishing the whole place, kitchen remodeling, and roof repainting among others. Although these home improvements can add significantly to the resale price, the initial investment can also be quite staggering.

Installing an alarm system also needs a bit of an investment, but the bigger selling factor is peace of mind. Prospective home buyers will surely be delighted to see a brand-new kitchen, but they will feel more at ease moving in knowing that their family is well-protected. So if you consider the value proposition between refurbishing a house and setting up security measures, most homeowners will definitely choose safety over beauty.

Setting up a residential home system is a very practical idea, whether you are going to sell your house or not. It is an investment that all homeowners must seriously consider. Selling a property is not always included in any homeowner’s immediate plans; but having a security system in place will definitely add value to the property should the resell becomes a reality.