Takex Wireless Beam Sensor up to 100m

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Approximate cost – 1900 inc GST supplied and fitted with an alarm system

The Takex TXF-125E is a battery operated, quad photoelectric beam sensor designed for compatibility with leading wireless systems; reducing the time and cost of permanent installations and allowing the use of Active Infrared Beams on rapid deployment or temporary installations. With 4 selectable frequencies, multiple beam sets can be used in both linear and stacked configurations without risk of crosstalk, further assisted by a transmitter power function that allows the user to set 25/50/75/100m zones.

Two 3.6V (17Ah) batteries (supplied separately) can power each unit for approximately 5 years of service.

A wide beam pitch ensures stability and reduces the possibility of unwanted activations from wildlife and detritus, and the IP65 design ensures integrity regardless of the installation conditions, preventing ingress from water, dust and insects whilst allowing moisture within to evaporate, prohibiting condensation.

TAK-TXF125E Datasheet