Ever heard of a panic room before? Most likely not but one day this new addition to the security environment  will form part of the security needs that house owners will need to have. At Complete Alarms, we have been monitoring development in this quarter and while it is now been given serious application in the US, it will be just a matter of time before it gains a foothold in Australia and we are looking forward to that day.

What is it?

Basically, it’s a secure room built inside a home wherein the occupants of the house can shelter or hide themselves when danger strikes and remain there until help arrives to set them free. In the security industry, they are more commonly called “safe rooms”.  They can be used to store valuables and protect family members for different types of threats such as burglaries, kidnappers, escape natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes and even terrorist attacks. The idea is new but will soon find a niche in the security environment and become a permanent part of security in this country.

How the idea caught on

The idea of a panic room first appeared as a result of a film in which a woman and her daughter were saved from a band of ruffians who attacked their home and forced them to retreat into a special room where they held out against the burglars. The film, starring Jodi Foster was called “Panic Room” and although no one can afford the room that saved the mother and daughter, the idea has caught on and the building of such a room is bound to appear very soon. It may now look highly improbable for the idea to materialize but more often than not, we’ve seen that anything that was in comic form in the past has now bloomed into fully blown films with characters to boot. It may also happen to your “Panic Room”.

What’s in it for the regular Joe?

It is more than likely that ordinary people would never afford a sophisticated safety room. For instance, the panic room mentioned above in the film cost about $40 to $60 thousand to build with the latest tech gadgetry to render support to the fugitives. It had elaborate high-tech instruments and equipment, ventilation systems and other sophisticated equipment. The idea however is feasible ad scaled down models is within the reach of existing technology.

Contact us

We don’t build panic rooms, but can assist with panic buttons that notify monitoring centres. Let us know if you’re keen on this sort of facility.