Many safety analysts believe, like we do, that a safe neighbourhood is one where everyone knows one another; the members are very friendly and loyal; they look after one another; they know all their children; they form a closely-knit group of people who are always ready to help. When you enter and area to live, one of the first and very important things you should do is to know the people you will be living with. At Complete Alarms we know the value of forming strong ties with your neighbours and we offer some of the reasons why:

  • People who live in a neighbourhood know about practically everything that happens in it. Even more important, they know every single person who lives there. It is little wonder then that any newcomer would stand out like a sore thumb to established residents. Questions automatically start flying and very quickly, the purpose of the newcomer becomes known to the community. A burglar would tend to stay clear of a neighbourhood where residents are friendly and loyal to one another.
  • One very valuable contribution to security that friendly neighbours display is their uncanny ability to have an inner care for their fellow residents. The automatically have a casual eye for their security. This friendly concern has been harnessed by the formation of watch groups which have now swelled to millions of members. Forming such groups in your neighbourhood is one very good idea.
  • Knowing your neighbours is the best thing to do if you rent a house or apartment in the neighbourhood. Renters often appear different from the rest because they rent and do not own real estate and can be left out in the lurch. Don’t become a stranger; mix in and know your neighbours because recent studies show that renters are more prone to break-ins.
  • This overly caring attitude of neighbours is very important especially when you go abroad for a business trip or a vacation. Your departure automatically triggers the ‘watch’ syndrome and your house becomes their focus of attention as if it is theirs also and will to do all they can to ensure your house is safe with them while you are absent
  • Having the knowledge that people are always on the lookout for your interests should not make you complacent or even careless. On the contrary. You should augment such devotion and loyalty with your own diligence because if you aren’t you may well compromise the efforts of your neighbours who are 100% for you.
  • Assist the efforts of your neighbours yourself by always staying alert to possible security threats and pre-empting them. The street address on your mailbox is sufficient: never give away your last name for a burglar to check out; study the crime rate of the area and where crimes usually take place; be extra alert if the area has a high crime rate

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