Many people are correct in saying their homes are most susceptible when they are away on vacation. However there are other times when burglars are very active especially at times when we least expect them to be. Did you know for instance that the majority of burglaries take place during the day? That’s correct, during broad daylight when you are in your own house or when you are in another room!

Having your home burglarized in broad daylight with members of your family carrying on as usual is much scarier that when the burglary takes place at night. If you are a home owner with bad security practices, the results for you may prove heart breaking and you need to adopt and nurture security habits that will ensure the security of your home, family and valuables. You just can afford to be complacent when burglars are up and about so here are a few hints on how to foil their efforts:

  • The doors and windows are always the preferred entry points so make sure they are always locked no matter whether you are in or out of your house. Some entrance points such as the garage door, top windows and basement windows are for some unknown reason carelessly left open. Why? Perhaps you may think burglars won’t try getting in that way. Make no mistakes because burglars will get in any way they can! So make sure you lock all possible entry points.
  • Burglars usually have a field day when the alarm system installed in the house hasn’t been turned on. This is a very careless omission and one that can cost you plenty. Activate the alarm system you’ve installed so that the presence of an intruder is made known and appropriate action taken.
  • If you can use your surrounding landscape to provide extra security for your house, then do so! If your house can be seen clearly by potential intruders from the street and the surrounding foliage provides excellent cover, it’s a perfect place to invade by the burglar. The intruder can first study your movements and then sneak in closer using the foliage as further cover for his ulterior motives.
  • The use of outdoor lights that automatically go on when it becomes dark and turn off when the sun breaks the dawn can be the ideal deterrent for burglars. If there’s anything burglars hate more during their clandestine operations it’s being discovered during the act of committing a crime and the presence of lights help foil their efforts.
  • Never leave spare house keys under the doormat or the flower vase near the main door. This is a terrible mistake and one that you shouldn’t attempt at all. However, if for some reason you have to hide a spare key, then find a hideaway place that burglars won’t find.