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More Tips for Bamboozling Burglars


We sometimes overlook the most simple but very effective means of frustrating the efforts of burglars. It is an important task for us at Complete Alarms to identify these common sense habits and tricks and share them with house owners so they can effectively protect their homes. Some are new and some have been proven to be effective weapons against unwanted intrusions like the ones discussed below.


Some of us often showcase our situation without knowing its detrimental effects to our security. Leaving things outside the house that seem harmless enough to you may prove to be a magnetic lure to a thief making his inspection of potential sites during the day. Things like bicycles, scooter, wheelbarrow, picks and shovels or garden tools are attractive items to thieves. You shouldn’t leave items that can be easily moved from your grounds.

When you buy something new such as a brand new deck player with the latest screen or any other expensive household entertainment appliance, refrain from placing the container box out in the backyard as a recyclable collection. The box container will provide a revealing beacon to tell burglars that valuable equipment has been unpacked and now sitting on a table in the living room. They can be sold at attractive prices anywhere on the streets or second hand shops. Incinerate carton boxes or get rid of them quickly to avoid detection.

Conjuring up your own tricks to foil attempts at entering your house have proven to be very effective. You are now aware that burglaries occur mainly during the day when the occupants are away working in their workplaces. You should take advantage of this knowledge to create you own illusions to fake a home still occupied after the occupants have left for work. Purchase fluorescent bulbs to conserve electricity consumption and leave a light on or a pre-taped series of soft songs or radio programs. To be more convincing, leave your television on. There are loads of other tricks you can use.

The presence of bushes around your ground area can provide hiding places or camouflage the presence an intruder. They provide excellent cover for someone to survey your grounds and house at leisure and even allow burglars to even note down activities that occur around or in your home. Thin out the foliage with a suitable cutter or pruning instrument. A clear ground area with good visibility leverage through the trees, are effective methods for easily spotting movements.

Never underestimate the lengths to which burglars will resort to, so they can break into your house. Be always alert and vigilant and don’t forget that one of the best means of combating burglary is for you to be ahead of a burglar’s plans and intentions.

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Very Interesting Facts on Residential Break-ins


Anything that has to do with the safety and security of homes is top priority at Complete Alarms and this is one of the reasons why we always try to keep abreast of any information that has connection with this very important subject. In doing so, we stay acquainted with the latest information and trends in the realm of home security in both the automated and manual systems. From this, we have a panoramic view of the whole home security situation, try to find remedies and offer you some of the fruits of our efforts so you can benefit from them. Here are just a few of our findings:

  • The much frowned upon burglarizing of homes was dealt a debilitating blow when the deadbolt lock was invented and sold on the market in the 1970s.  This lock became the ‘lock-out’ king that thwarted the efforts of burglars worldwide as well as here in Sydney albeit later.
  • With the installation of this maverick metal box, the incidence of burglaries continued to drop and then levelled off about two years ago. Since then, the number of burglaries has remained more or less constant presumably because not everyone has access to the magical lock.
  • In the U.S. as many as 25% of all homes are equipped with the very latest in home security systems. They possess an impressive array of systems that include electronic systems, reinforced glass, the latest locks and thousands of security guards that work day and night to secure workplaces and homes.
  • Despite the steady downswing in the incidence of burglaries as a result of these preventive agents, a total of 1.5 million homes were still broken into in 2006. In most of these burglaries, police find it difficult to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.
  • Surprisingly, most of the break-ins occur during the daytime which lends credence to the supposition that perhaps thieves break in when the house occupants are away at work. This may be the case but there is no tangible proof.
  • Still more surprising is that about 40% of all burglaries committed in the U.S. are done without any signs of forced entry. Discarding the very unlikely scenarios that thieves have inside help or that house occupants simply let their houses be robbed, the only other explanation would be that thieves simply walked in, climbed an accessible part of the house or crawled in with such ease that it looked like they had the keys to the front door!
  • In most of the cases involving break-ins, the most common cause lies with the house owners themselves either because they do not have the means to secure their homes; they do not know how; they are not sufficiently diligent or they are just simply careless sometimes.

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