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An intercommunication system is an important system to keep your building and properties secure. Modern technological advances have developed IP intercoms that are equipped with the vital features necessary to protect employees, visitors, and anyone inside your premises by providing entry security as well as a vital means of communication.

Benefits of an IP Intercom System

Compared to analogue intercom systems, IP and network connection innovation has increased the flexibility of intercom devices by adding a range of smart new functionalities such as call re-routing and voice mail setup. You will be able to remotely monitor and maintain your business from anywhere in the world even through your smartphone or tablet device. Not just that but these functions have been made much simpler.

The once complicated security scenarios can now be implemented. An example of a good system that could be set up via an IP intercom is building automation. With additional data that comes with an IP intercom, such as knowing where a call originated, better security policies can be put in place. Other services that can be done are switch automation and applied building mapping technologies.

These systems are also much easier to install and operate in your building compared to the traditional systems. The traditional analogue systems come with an additional cable and messier cable installation. This will save you a lot on installation costs and even workplace disruption.

Speaking of costs, IP intercom systems are actually much more affordable. Materials to be used have been made to adjust the economic standards of this generation but does not sacrifice in quality.

Performance wise, IP intercom systems have also improved on the choppy bad-quality audio of old systems. Due to capitalizing on network connections, the sound quality has been made much clearer. There will be no more of that buzzy sound from the old systems. Video is also now much more superior.

As an added bonus, these IP intercom systems will surely enhance visitor experience and will impress most customers that enter your building, therefore passively increasing your company value by improving your corporate image.

Complete Alarms Sydney are highly experienced in the provision and installation of these IP intercom systems. We use only the best quality material and with our highly trained team of professionals, we guarantee great service. From site preparation and installation to maintenance we assure customer satisfaction.