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Improvements in the variety and availability of intercom systems are some of the most impressive recent trends that have armed house owners in their crusade against the clandestine activities of robbers. Burglars and their activities will definitely continue to be part of our society but it’s equally true that efforts to improve and create more effective security systems to protect premises have taken place. As to which one of them will prevail in the end, only time can tell. In the meantime we at Complete Alarms will forge ahead in providing house owners with the best means of protecting their homes.

Staggering Varieties and Capabilities

There’s such a wide variety of tech gadgets these days it’s absolutely amazing. We learn that practically every tech innovation is tending towards being centralized and controlled from a main controlling panel or console. We hear of systems that involve the centralized control of vacuums, humidifiers and central air conditioning equipment. But now, we hear of a centralized intercom systems that were once installed for the exclusive use of large mansions and multi-storied apartment buildings. These newly developed systems are now available for use in ordinary residential houses.

Main features of an alarm system

Intercom systems are so varied in design and form that it’s very difficult to easily identify the system that will address your personal security issues. But they are very handy and easy to use. They can also be very valuable aids for surveillance purposes and are definitely better replacements for door chains or peepholes dug into the door frame. They are activated immediately once the doorbell button is pressed and the voice tone that comes over from the outside reminds one of the same intercom systems used in apartment complexes. The identity of the visitor is established before he or she is permitted to enter the house.

Other fantastic characteristics

An intercom can also be used to monitor everything that goes on in the house simply by having installing intercom speakers in each room of the house. You can simultaneously talk to family members in different rooms of the house but you can also listen in to what is being communicated.  Their sound can be reduced for privacy purposes and they can also act as monitors for watching the baby while it’s asleep and you are located somewhere else in the house. When the baby awakes and makes a sound, you can hear it over the intercom.  An intercom will also render assistance to a disabled or elderly person in the house.

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