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Voice to Voice Intercom System

Technological advancement has reach such proportions these days, there seems to be an answer for any security situation. One very outstanding and easy to use security system is the intercom system. At Complete Alarms in Sydney we’ve had a lot of association with intercom systems because they are one of the most popular methods of controlling entrance to a building. The most effective quality of the intercom system is the ability of the premise owner to hear and recognise the voice of the visitor. The owner and visitor can interact verbally over the intercom for access which only the owner can permit.

Voice and visual intercom system

Some intercom systems depend solely on audio contact between visitor and premise owner but this does not address the need to see the visitor as well as hearing their voice. It is definitely a lot better for the premise owner to both hear and recognize the face behind the voice. The only difference between the audio and video system is that for the intercom system that incorporates a video, the premise owner is able to see the visitor but the visitor cannot see the owner. The owner clearly has the upper hand in this type of intercom system thereby receiving advanced warning of who the visitor is and what he or she desires.

A central point of control

The preference for an intercom system that incorporates the use of instant video viewing is perhaps the ideal system for effectively controlling entrance into a building. The reason for this is that all the individual systems installed can be effectively controlled from a central controlling point using a single computer. The PSIM is the ideal system that feature s this capability and many businesses and homes are opting to have this effective system installed. Despite its reliance on interconnectivity, it is extremely affordable as well as being very efficient and effective.

Constant vigilance is the proper approach

Having a system in place that can monitor the progress of activities occurring in a building can do much to ensure the security of such a building. Despite the fact that the crime rate is falling due to much more vigilance on the part of house and business owners, there is little reason to be complacent. Many examples exist of premises that work normal hours to be targeted by criminals who lie in wait until no one is about in or around the building before making their move. If the building is left unsecured, it will be subjected to entry and theft

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