An Indispensable Intercom System

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Your business or office premise usually consists of a large floor space where many people are grouped together, each doing a specific job. Messaging on computer may be minimal or completely absent and the most effective form of communication is the intercom system that quickly travels through space and even walls. At Compete Alarms we supply cutting edge intercom systems that can boost productivity and security at the same time especially in very large office complexes where space creates real communication problems.

Increasing popularity

Because of their efficiency and effectiveness, intercom systems have become popular for use in newly constructed large office buildings but are absent in many older buildings. If you decide to occupy one of these old office buildings, contact us and we will help you install wiring for your intercom system or supply you with a wireless intercom system for your office. You may only need the installation of a simple phone system with an added paging system installed, instead of a fully wired intercom system. Many options are available from which you can choose with our help.

A complete intercom system for large offices

It is true that a simple phone intercom system can fulfil basic communication needs in a fairly small office environment. However, for really large office floors, a complete intercom system can make communicating fast, easy and efficient. At Complete Alarms we have been supplying top quality intercom systems for many years and we have many types of systems in stock. The intercom systems we supply are second to none and they are capable of performing a multitude of functions to really make a difference in delivering messages to staff.

Many different kinds of functions

Our range of intercom systems can perform many different functions between them. First on the list are our wired and wireless systems. Both come with special features that will improve the productivity of your business. They can enhance your room-to-room messaging and paging and will cut communicating time to rock bottom levels. Your staff won’t have to cover large distances between tables or between desks and meeting rooms. They can all be notified of whatever is intended at the same time and everyone one can act in one accord.

Contact us

We can help you identify and choose the most appropriate intercom system for you. Just ring us on 02 8006 1116 for a free quote and leave it to us to configure the right system for your business or office premises.