Wireless CCTV cameras are prone to Jammers

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Caring for CCTV Security Cameras is Top Priority

Buying CCTV cameras for your security system means that you have something extremely valuable to protect and more often than not that valuable asset is your home and the valuables inside which have both cost you a fortune to have. At Complete Alarms in Sydney, we are aware of this trend and try everything in our power to make it possible for home owners to protect this investment. However, burglars are always inventing something new to further their trade and now rumour has it that they may be using jamming equipment to compromise CCTV surveillance systems.

Keeping one step ahead of burglars is prudent

All burglars are opportunists who will look for weaknesses in your security system for entering into your domain. They will look for a broken window, an unlocked door or simply force their way into the building at some weak entry point. Surveys show that these types of breaking and entering make up about two-thirds of all burglaries in the US. Burglary in Australia is lower but they still occur with the same level of impact and discomfort to home owners. Another more sinister development indicates that burglars may disrupt security systems by cutting wires or using jamming devices.

There are ways of curtailing the cutting of wires

Many home owners are asking themselves whether burglars can in fact interrupt their CCTV security systems by resorting to these two methods. For wired security systems, the cutting of wires joining the system with the power source or wires connecting say the cameras to the control panel can be solved. When a burglar cuts a wire, the act automatically sends a message to a base station monitoring the home which will raise the alarm. Once the alarm is activated personnel from the base station will go into motion and attend to the emergency.

But what about jamming a wireless system?

The steady stream of new and more sophisticated tech devices flooding the market these days is simply colossal and no doubt even jamming devices would be one of them. If this is the case, one is bound to believe that a jammer would be available to render an installed CCTV surveillance system ineffective. Would a burglar be able to purchase such a jamming device to enter and steal things in your house? The honest answer is that burglars do not have the ability to use jamming devices so for now CCTV security systems are immune to such an attack. There is no risk in buying a CCTV system.

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