Take back control with home CCTV

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If you’ve been feeling unsettled lately at home, it can be hard to enjoy everyday life. Maybe you or someone you love has been disturbed by nuisance callers, or maybe a spate of local burglaries have been making you feel unsafe in your own home. Some of our clients have had a lot of problems with people on restraining orders approaching their property and this is something that can be very difficult to tackle.

Setting up a comprehensive and reliable CCTV system can honestly change your whole approach to life. You will find that after a few days, you can rest easy, knowing that your house is visibly protected and any potential burglars have a real and true deterrent. We offer a quick service if there is an emergency situation – we want to make you feel safe again!

Defend your property, and make sure you never feel alone again

When you install a CCTV system from Complete Alarms, you have a fantastic defence should anyone attempt to break in or prove a nuisance. Far from being on your own in the property, or perhaps with an elderly relative or young children, you have eyes watching out for you around all the entry points to your home – night and day, whatever the weather.

In many cases, the criminal on seeing the CCTV system will turn around and walk away for fear of being caught on camera. That means you can prevent a burglary or an unpleasant incident from taking place, and in any case you have evidence should you need it.

Be there, even when you’re away

It can be distressing for you if you are in a difficult circumstance as described above, but are one of the many people who travel for work or family commitments.

Once you have your CCTV system installed, you will be able to check online from your laptop or your phone that your property and every precious thing inside is safe and sound. All our CCTV systems come with remote viewing via your iPhone or Android device. That means you can keep an eye on your property through any of the angles where you have positioned your cameras – you can choose to have a basic package of four or eight cameras, and then add in extras should you need them.

Use our website to book online today, and take back control of your security.