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The idea of installing a using a CCTV camera inside a home has been adopted for some years now but the demand for it hasn’t subsided due to the escalation of burglary activities in cities around Australia, especially Sydney. The system which consists of a number of cameras, monitoring equipment and recording devices also feature fully coloured monitors, black and white monitors, recorders as well as wired and wireless cameras. At Complete Alarms our experts are intimately familiar with how to configure these components for addressing your issues on the security of your house.

The points of entry are important

The very first parts of your house that you need to cover are the entry points so that you have first- hand coverage of the most likely places where an intruder might attempt entry. This inevitably means covering every entrance area, hallways and other open spaces that need monitoring. Depending on your budget and the size of your home, there is a real need to make the coverage as continuous and consistent as possible so every part of the house especially the exterior is fully covered by cameras.

A centralized control panel for the monitor

In addition to covering all the main entrance points, it is equally important to figure out early in the installing process to identify and prepare a centralized controlling point for all the traffic that will be sent back from the cameras to the recording disc that can then be relayed and shown on the screen for clear, live viewing. The control centre should be in a separate and secluded place where it cannot be readily accessible to children and visitors especially burglars during the commissioning of a crime and if possible access to it should be made difficult.

Don’t forget the garage

In many homes, the garage is nearly always joined to the main building with an access door for moving in and out of the garage out into the yard or back again into the garage and into the house. The same route can be taken by a burglar and if fact in many instances, this has taken place. Extra precaution needs to be taken as to the location of the key to the door adjoining the garage and main house but the best solution would be to have a camera installed well beyond reach of any intruder that will take live videos of movements inside the garage while everyone is asleep.

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