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Sydney is renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately, it is also plagued with a high crime rate. Like its sister city Melbourne, thousands of residents are pilfered, their houses broken and entered into by criminal elements in society. Police are unable to quell the rising tide of robberies in the city. Can something be done? It’s being done right now by TOP SMART SECURITY at a time when the price of CCTV and alarm systems have plummeted to such low levels that anyone can now afford them. We know this, and that’s why we’ve prepared special CCTV packages that will more than satisfy your needs.

Why install a CCTV System?

Leave it to us and be rest assured that as experts in home safety, we know that you should install a CCTV system in your home because of the following reasons:

  • You and your beloved ones may be put at risk and we want to minimize or totally eliminate that risk.
  • The things you have in your home are precious and you absolutely don’t want anything to happen to them.
  • undesirable elements in society also know this and will try every trick in the book to possess them
  • It is the safest system on offer, allowing for full and clear visuals and images of unwanted perpetrators in or outside your home.
  • The price range of the different packages offered fall within different budgets, with assured top quality equipment for different income earners.

The superb packages

Smarter Security offers the most modern and sophisticated equipment there is for the security of your home. It offers 4 packages, ideally configured to offer the best price for quality, need and purpose as listed below:

  • The CCTV Pack 1 – 4 camera CCTV package: a system that can be installed for as low as $1399.00 including GST. This is the company’s cheapest but equally versatile and efficient system configured for maximum protection similar to the other systems. It features the latest in camera equipment, live preview display, a handy solid hard disk for storing voice and image displays. A visualizing LCD monitor facilitates viewing of everything that happens. The system caters for the needs of a standard single storey tiled roof house. Great system!
  • The CCTV Pack 2 – 4 High Definition IP network CCTV package: also very suitable for standard single storey tile roofed homes and can be fully installed at a cost of $2599, that includes GST. The system is fitted with a more streamlined camera and live preview display that can be turned on at the flick of its POE switch. To store images and information it carries an exceptionally spacious hard disk drive with the extraordinary capability of detecting movements over a 30 day period on a monitoring screen. Awesome system!
  • The CCTV Pack 3 – 8 camera CCTV system package: again a system for single storey houses that come with a surprising low cost of only $2299 that also include GST. The system features mega sized monitor viewing from either a domed shaped or streamlined bullet-style  camera. The live preview display is larger with a standard POE switch and an equally efficient and long recording had disc that can operate and detect motion over a 30 day period with recordings viewed on a monitoring screen. A truly colossal system!
  • The CCTV Pack 4 8 HD IP network CCTV package: a system that carries the highest installation cost of $3999 but what a treat. Everything is just bigger, more sophisticated and, more efficient which makes things a lot safer. It features larger monitor viewing from the panorama sweep of either dome or bullet style cameras. The live preview display that can be switched on by a more sophisticated 8 port POE is always on standby. Its higher performing WD AV hard disk storage can also operate a 30 day stint to provide continuous surveillance of you home. The cream of the four systems!

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