CCTV – the next step in your home improvement journey

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If you’ve been thinking about how to feel more comfortable in your home, as well as providing an additional level of security, then a CCTV system is a great solution.

The latest CCTV technology provides high-definition, quality video that you can access straight from your phone or laptop wherever you are. Our CCTV packages are great value and give you all the options you need to ensure you can keep a watchful eye over what’s happening inside and outside your property. Our cameras work in all lights and all weathers so you’ll never miss anything important.

Video feed for security, and peace of mind

If you’ve got pets, then you’ll be able to appreciate how reassuring it would be to check in on them during the day. They’re one of the family, after all! But what if you’re unable to get home as often as you would like in the day, or you use a dog walker as you can’t get home at all? With a home CCTV package you can see how your pet is doing, any time of day, and reach out for help if it’s needed.

All our CCTV systems come complete with HD video feed that you can view over a mobile device, any time. It’s up to you how many cameras you want to install, and whether you need to upgrade to even clear HD recording.

We also have many customers who want to check their video feed to ensure there are no nuisance callers or unwanted visitors to their property, either whilst they are at home or when they are at work. The video feed means that if there is someone you need to avoid for whatever reason, you can ensure your property is safe for you to return home to in the evenings and take steps to protect yourself if not.

A valuable deterrent

CCTV is proven as a real deterrent when considering home security. Burglars report that they will avoid houses with visible CCTV cameras outside, for fear of being caught in the act. It’s one of the best ways you can protect your property, and the people you love.

All our CCTV systems are wired, so they can’t be tampered with via frequency jammers like some wireless options. Everything from installation to 24 months’ maintenance is included in the price, and we offer a great package for around $2k which is our customers’ most popular choice. We’ll provide all the hardware and software you need to run the system and view your CCTV from anywhere in the world. We even offer a smaller, 2-camera package for more compact homes, right up to our Hikvision HD packages which provide you with ultimate clarity of recordings.

Give yourself and your family the reassurance that comes with a home CCTV system – a permanent “eye-on-things” on which you can depend.