Grocery Store CCTV: Maximizing Bottom Line Through Video Surveillance

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Shrinkage is one crucial problem in the retail industry that can be solved using grocery store CCTV.  Shoplifting, administrative errors, supplier fraud, and employee theft costs Australian retailers about A$2.7 billion each year, according to the most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer report.

Since retail is a highly competitive industry with relatively low margins, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand that retailers must invest in a reliable safety and security system. The main goal is to achieve optimal safety for customers, employees, and suppliers. But given the statistics, the need for grocery store CCTV is necessary to deter thieves, monitor suspicious activities, and spot potential burglars.

The occurrence of crime or security breach often prompts retailers to install security systems. But for savvy business owners, the mere possibility of such incidents demands for advanced technologies to prevent security incidents in the first place.

Grocery Store CCTV: Preventing and Detecting Theft

Video surveillance is often the first solution to come into mind when trying to come up with theft prevention and detection. This is no surprise because video surveillance can help identify suspects after the incident. The presence of video cameras also deters thefts from doing the act.

Apart from identifying suspicious behavior on the shop, grocery store CCTV can also be used in back office areas such as the warehouse and admin office. Having sophisticated cameras in places can also help detect suspicious activities in the cashier’s desk, parking lot, and outdoor areas.

Improvements in Surveillance Camera Technologies

Owing to digitalization, there has been numerous impressive improvements in camera technologies over the last two years. Outdated cameras can’t provide clear high-res images under challenging lighting conditions. Today, a lot of camera models offer HD or even 4K ultra HD resolution. These cameras provide clear images, greatly improving the chances of detecting misdeeds.

Another worthwhile development is the advent of cameras that offer 180- or 360-degree views. These are called panoramic cameras. They are the solution to the traditional problem of blind spots.

Some grocery store CCTV systems also have the added value of in-video analytics, offering business benefits smart retailers can’t pass up. With this new technology, security staff can efficiently respond to alerts. They don’t need to spend all their time monitoring lots of live images at once, so they can work on other tasks.

Unfortunately, not all retail business owners make full use of grocery store CCTV technologies. This is a surprising fact considering the many benefits a high quality grocery store security camera provides.