The Importance of Using a Security System in the Office

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We usually talk about cybersecurity and how we can protect our company’s information by using strong passwords, getting the best antimalware utilities, and keeping our computers safe with the use of latest patches and updates. Now, we are going to focus on the security of the premises, or protecting your company’s physical assets from vandalism and theft.

The most perfect cybersecurity measures are useless if a thief breaks into your office and runs off with your computers. You are not going to lose any digital data if you have backed up your computers to secure confidential information. However, like any other businesses, your company is not entirely digital. You have hard copies of records containing sensitive information about the company and your employees.

Your company also relies on physical assets such as fax machines, computers, displays and servers that need to be replaced if someone steals or destroys them. Imagine the amount of money the company needs to shed out in order to buy replacements for these equipment.

The latest security alarm systems can not only alert you of a break-in, trigger an alarm, and send out law enforcement. These systems can also produce video surveillance, control the lighting system, manage the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system, schedule an automatic turn off of small-office equipment, and in some situations, also provide access control.

You might be thinking that you can’t afford a security system, but you will be surprised at how low-priced these systems can be. By investing on a security alarm system, you may actually be able to save yourself more money by securing and protecting your valuable assets.