Minimise risk for your business premises

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What is the most important asset for your business? Maybe it’s your stock, or perhaps it’s machinery. Many businesses need to work hard to minimise risk of information loss by installing the latest cyber security measures, but protecting loss of physical assets is made easy with one of our Complete Alarm systems.

Expecting your employees to protect your assets is too much responsibility for them, and it puts them in danger. After all, people are probably one of your most valuable assets too! Make sure that they have the reassurance they need to know that your business premises are alarmed and ready to be activated in any dangerous scenario.

Investment is a challenge – you need to trust that you’re not taking any risks and making a mistake. Our licensed and experienced fitters will work with you on a package that suits your requirements exactly and balances value-for-money with excellent user experience.

We care for businesses of all sizes

We have a great range of Bosch alarms packages, all supplied fully fitted with no hidden costs and 24 months parts warranty. A smaller business, such as a shop or small office, can be protected for just $880. You can add in additional layers of security to customise the package to suit your needs, such as the popular door and window switches that activate when an external entry is breached without your knowledge. You can even wire in your smoke alarms for added peace of mind.

For large businesses, we offer a fantastic complete package which comes complete with access control and covers up to 144 zones. All of our customisable options are available here also, so you can build the exact alarm system your premises require.

As standard with our Bosch alarms, the alarm will ring at over 100 decibels for 10 minutes, as per state restrictions. However, many businesses choose to add a phone connection option, where up to three phone lines can be activated whenever the alarm is triggered. You can build whichever option you choose into your business emergency response process as you see fit.

Protect your people, and your assets, today

As the trusted choice for hundreds of customers in the Sydney area, we can provide you with a free quote today, and installation can take as little as a few hours with the minimum of disruption to your business. Securing your assets is one of the best investments you can make, and we will ensure you’re completely satisfied with your Complete Alarms system.