Less time worrying, more time growing your business

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As a business owner, it’s difficult to leave the day job behind when you go home. There is so much to absorb your thoughts, from people issues to decisions about investment or product designs. One worry you shouldn’t need to have, though, is the security of your premises. If you’re locking up at night and feeling concerned that all will be well when you return in the morning, then it’s definitely time to invest in a brand-new, high quality Bosch alarm system from Complete Alarms.

Whatever your business, we can help provide peace of mind

Any business deserves the best protection available. As well as tamper-proof alarm panels, internal and external sirens and sensitive movement detectors, we have a range of customisable option which will give your business exactly the level of security you need. Smaller businesses may choose to take on a standard alarm package, with 4 zones and fully installed for $880. Most business owners then choose to add the option to send an alert to your phone should the alarm be triggered, available at a small additional cost.

For bigger, more established businesses who have more complex needs, we can tailor a package with 144 zones and integrated access control. You can then choose to add in panic buttons, wired or wireless security, CCTV and more. We cover any type of business in the Sydney area, including industrial and government premises.

Choose a package and book in today

We use only the best Bosch alarm systems, and we are Sydney’s experts in quality fitting. Your business is your baby; you’ve raised it from just an idea to what it is today and you want to make sure the future of every asset inside – from people to machinery – is fully protected. Worrying about who is trying to gain access to your building, and who is moving around your hallways at night, is something you shouldn’t have to do.

If it’s a quiet time of year then you can call us today for a free quote, and the whole alarm system can be fitted and up and running within a matter of days. Installation usually only takes 4-6 hours and we will keep disruption to a minimum. Even in busier seasons, we can have the whole process complete for you in a week or two. Take control of your security – and give yourself one less thing to worry about!