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In our haste and anxiety in protecting what is valuable to us, we usually overlook some of the basic principles that we need to protect also. At Complete alarms in Sydney we are always conscious of the fact that valuable assets need to be protected but the rights of individuals especially our employees can also be put at risk if the security systems that are put in place do not protect their rights as individuals. The wise business owner would do well to protect the rights of employees to avoid a lot of headaches trying to mix business and endless lawsuits.

Exercising privacy rights

The rights of employees should be protected wherever they are working by policies deliberately created for their welfare. We know that banks, public and private institutions, stock exchanges, industries and many other workplaces all use security systems for improving safety, productivity and also to stop theft. Despite their focus on making more profits, they should also place importance on protecting the rights of their employees. Despite its importance, many companies fail to give proper attention to employee rights or simply ignore them as irrelevant and they have done so at their own detriment.

Unforeseen implications

In many cases, employers honestly try to protect their own interests as well as the rights of their employees without realizing that in the process, they infringe on the rights of their employees. In their over-zealous sense of commitment, employers often install hidden cameras and in some instances encroach upon the privacy of their employees. Experts on the subject claim that intrusion on the privacy of employees is becoming more common over time and maintain they will progressively increase each year.  At Complete Alarms we always forewarn our customers to think seriously about employee rights and often recommend to them where they should place systems.

The obvious trend

Recent studies on the subject of employee privacy indicate that in most cases, employers install security systems so they can effectively protect their premises from theft, violence and sabotage. The trend of using security systems has escalated enormously from 33% of companies that used them in 2001 to 51% of companies in 2005. The trend reflects the need that companies have for installing more security systems in their premises. Simultaneously, employees are starting to realize that they are also being watched and may take their employers to court. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen that way.

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