Available CCTV systems

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Available CCTV systems

Among the many types of security systems available for securing your grounds and buildings is the best and most popular method out there – the CCTV system. Many people have now become familiar with the use of this marvellous system that their popularity has soared with propagation and usage all over Australia. At Complete Alarms where even a holistic approach is valued we also believe that the best security can be had if the best security system is chosen from the variety of different CCTV systems that will suit your particular needs.

Selecting the right cameras

It may seem superfluous at first, since all cameras these days look very similar to one another but in fact, there are wired and unwired cameras. The wireless cameras are more suited for long range outdoor monitoring. Some cameras are weatherproof in addition to being long ranged and are also perfect for outdoor deployment like covering a parking lot outside the business premise. Different range limits also apply to CCTV cameras. Some can be used over short distances while others are suited mainly for long range usage.

Recording methods may also differ

High quality CCTV systems may also be different in the way they record captured data. You can use a system to record directly to a VCR but on the other hand digital media can offer many more benefits. Other systems are able to record straight to a DVR installed inside of a computer or a standalone DVR which are both great ways of keeping your recordings safe. In addition copies of recording loops can also be easily duplicated and safely stored on different digital mediums. Many gadgets like flash drives, DVDs and hard drives can all play a part in CCTV systems.

Monitoring configurations

CCTV systems are versatile enough to be configured so as to be given different abilities in monitoring and capturing live events. There are black and white monitors to those with fully coloured resolutions screens. As a customer you are at liberty to decide to have the video streamed direct into a monitor installed on a computer or you can buy an array of dedicated CCTV monitors. Whatever the action, they will always be dictated by the actual system that you purchase in the first place and have installed in your home.

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