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Complete Alarms supplies and installs Bosch and other branded alarm systems for homes in the Strathfield South area.

Complete Alarms understands you need a solution to help protect you and your valuables from crooks. Flexible but time tested solutions are the key element of what Complete Alarms offers. There are a myriad of alarm products on the market, but as a Bosch certified installer, we offer quality Bosch & Hikvision systems offered to residential properties throughout Strathfield South.


Research has shown that you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary by installing security alarm systems.

We offer both wired and semi wireless systems. A hard wired system is offered to any single storey home which has a man-hole to access the roof cavity. A semi wireless system is offered to a double storey home which has not been prewired and thus would be too difficult to run cables downstairs. Its also used in instances whereby a home has extensions where access to the roof is not feasible.  Wireless sensors can easily go into these areas.

The most common type of alarm we install are based on motion sensors – we can also install detectors that monitor if doors are opened and reed switches that will activate the alarm if a window or door is pushed in before an intruder gains entry.

Customers typically choose the ethernet module for Bosch alarm systems. Otherwise, we can use a GSM module which uses a sim card to call you.

We offer Strong parts and labour warranty on all Alarm installations.

Top Reasons Why People Install Alarms
> Protect your home and family from intruders
> If you install a wired smoke detector, it can help protect your home from fires as well
> Save money on your insurance policy
> Provide your family with peace of mind
> Install CCTV and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home remotely

INTERESTING FACT – Did you know Alarms can be installed during or after a house build? There may be different solutions for each scenario.

Our Strathfield South alarm technicians are ready to help install your new alarm system.

Click on the link below and check out our most popular Alarm Systems in the Strathfield South along with rough pricing. If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call on 8011 3882 and we’d be happy to help.


Benefits of Installing Home Alarms in Strathfield South

  • Enhanced Security: Deter burglars and protect your property.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our professional monitoring services ensure immediate response.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your home is secure, even when you’re away.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with security systems.
  • Smart Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other smart home devices for comprehensive control.

Why Choose Alarms in the Age of CCTV?

While CCTV cameras are excellent for surveillance, home alarm systems offer distinct advantages that make them indispensable:

  • Immediate Alerts: Alarms provide instant notification of unauthorized entry, allowing for quick action.
  • Active Deterrence: The presence of an alarm system can actively deter criminals from attempting a break-in.
  • Emergency Response: Connect directly to emergency services for faster response times.
  • Cost-Effective: Alarms are generally more affordable and easier to install compared to extensive CCTV systems.
  • Privacy Protection: Alarms focus on entry points and movements without recording personal activities within your home.

Our Alarm System Features

  • Wireless and Wired Options: Choose the system that best fits your home’s layout and needs.
  • Smartphone Integration: Control and monitor your system from anywhere using our mobile app.
  • Pet-Friendly Sensors: Avoid false alarms caused by your furry friends.
  • Backup Power Supply: Stay protected even during power outages with reliable backup solutions.
  • Customizable Packages: Tailor your alarm system to fit your specific security requirements.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Ready to enhance your home security in Strathfield South? Contact Complete Alarms today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our team of experts will assess your needs and recommend the best alarm system for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can you install an alarm?

    It really depends on the season. Sometimes we’re booked out for two weeks, other times, we can book you in the day after you contact us. If your job is urgent, let us know and we’ll try and squeeze you in as soon as we can.

    A typical alarm takes around 4-6 hours to install.


  • I’m building a new home, at what stage can I have my alarm installed?

    We usually install your alarm system once the builder hands over the home to you. We will run any cables through the roof so you won’t get any unsightly wires.

    The exception of this rule is when you want a really comprehensive / custom alarm system for a double / triple storey home. If you’re in this scenario, it is best to engage us as before the plaster goes up so we can organise all the wiring. However, if you’re in this boat and you’re happy with a standard wireless alarm system like Alarm Pack 3, then we can install this once your home is complete.

  • What is the difference between a wired and wireless alarm system?

    In a wired system, the detectors communicated with the control panel via wires. The wireless system’s detectors communicates with the control panel wirelessly.

    For most single storey homes, we recommend wired systems as we can lay the wires in the roof space of the house.

    We recommend wireless alarms for double storey homes or homes where getting the wiring around is quite difficult, especially if your home is completely built.

    The wireless system is extremely reliable and the batteries for each detector has been known to last up to 5 years of everyday use. They can also be a significant distance away from the control panel – great if your garage is separate to the house.

  • What is an alarm zone?

    A zone in alarm terminology is basically a space for a sensor. An alarm with 8 zones can handle up to 8 detectors – whether they are PIRs or reed switches or smoke detectors. The sensors are assigned to zones and when a sensor is trigger the system informs you which zone a sensor has been triggered. An alarm with 16 zones can handle up to 16 sensors.

    Our home alarm systems give you the option to program zones so that sensors assigned to them cause the system to respond differently when they are triggered.  All the alarms we offer can handle “Stay at home” mode and “Away mode”. This allows you to have certain areas of the home armed while you are at home. The technician will organise this for you on the day of the install.

  • What is a PIR?

    passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems.

  • How long does the alarm backup battery last?

    We find that in general, the alarm backup battery will last around 5 years without needing replacement. The alarm will let you know when you need to replace this by beeping.

    Give us a call when you need replacement and we’ll be sure to help you. A battery service is usually a flat 200 fee.

  • How do I get notified my alarm has gone off?

    Your alarm when triggered will make a deafening sound for around 10 minutes.

    Most popular option with the Bosch system is notification via the Bosch app – this means the alarm notifies you via the app when triggered. This option requires a cable to be connected from the Alarm Panel to the modem.

    You may choose to call your neighbour or family / friends to check up on your property.

    If you choose to add Back to base monitoring, then an alarm monitoring centre will call your mobiles to let you know. They may then send out a security car to check up on the property for a fee.

  • Will your packages do? or do I need more?

    It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

    If you’re concerned about burglars marching around your premises while you’re not around, then the pre-designed Alarm packages will suffice for either a home or business. The detectors will usually go into the common areas of the premises – these are the areas a burglar would usually go to – to look for valuables. Feel free to add more detectors if your location is large.

    If you are concerned that an intruder would come into your premises without walking into one of the common areas served by the detectors, then we could implement reed switches on doors and windows so that if a window or door were opened while the alarm is armed, then it would trigger the alarm.

  • What Warranties do you have on your products?

    All Bosch alarms come with a 24 month parts warranty and 12 months labour.

    All CCTV systems we use come with a 24 months warranty for parts & labour.

  • What payment options are available?

    Cash, bank deposit, EFTPOS and cheque are all OK.

    Credit cards – Mastercard and Visa are OK, but there is a 1.5% surcharge for this method of payment.

    This is expected to be payable on completion of the job or other terms as discussed with our team.

  • Do all your prices include GST and Labour?


  • Can I customise my alarm system to fit my home or business needs?


    • Absolutely! We offer flexible options to customize alarm systems according to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the right level of security and functionality for your property.


  • How often should alarm systems be serviced?


    • We recommend regular maintenance and servicing at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. Our team can schedule routine inspections and address any issues promptly.


  • Do you offer professional installation services?

    Yes, we provide professional installation services conducted by trained technicians who ensure your alarm system is set up correctly and integrated seamlessly with your property.

  • What should I do if my alarm system goes off accidentally?

    In case of a false alarm, quickly disarm your system using your designated code or app. If you’re unsure about the cause, contact our support team for assistance

  • What happens if there’s a power outage or internet failure?

    Our alarm systems include backup batteries and to ensure continuous operation during power outages. Your security remains intact even under adverse conditions.

  • Are your alarm systems pet-friendly?

    Yes, we offer pet-friendly motion sensors that can distinguish between pets and intruders, minimizing false alarms while keeping your home secure.

  • How can I upgrade my existing alarm system?

    Contact our team to discuss upgrade options for your existing alarm system. Whether you need additional sensors, upgraded technology, or expanded coverage, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

  • Do you provide training on how to use the alarm system?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive training on how to use your alarm system effectively, including arming/disarming, managing alerts, and utilizing smart features for enhanced security management.

  • What should I do if I move house or business premises?

    Contact us as soon as possible to discuss transferring your alarm system to your new location. We’ll ensure a smooth transition and may recommend updates or adjustments based on the new property layout.