Invest in the next level of security for your growing business

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If your business is growing, and you’re employing more and more people that you may not know individually, it’s harder to keep track of who is entering and leaving the building, as well as whether sensitive information or dangerous areas are restricted. If that describes your business, then it’s likely that you need to make steps to secure your premises either to prevent theft or to restrict access. At Complete Alarms, we have a range of access control systems that will provide reassurance and protection for your people and your assets.

Simple, reliable, great value

If you are a smaller business such as a shop or restaurant, you probably just need to restrict access to a stockroom or staff area. We can provide a great solution for you from Micron for $1,540 fully fitted, which will give you a keypad (fitted with power supply) and the option of access fobs for added security. You’ll get the added benefit of Electric Door Strike, which allows you to buzz visitors through your main entrance.

For an office, education or warehouse setting, you probably need restricted entry that can be managed by Reception or Security staff. If you’re a growing business, you will more than likely need a reliable and robust alarm system. Our Bosch access control system, which allows for remote gate opening to admit visitors, staff and customers as needed. The real beauty of this system is that for $2,640 fully fitted, you also have the benefit of a Bosch alarm, with internal and external sirens and three motion detector sensors (PIR).  You can customise the system if you need to, with additional fobs and multiple PIRs.

Make the right choice for your business

We have hundreds of happy customers who will recommend one of our high-quality security systems. An investment in the safety of your business premises and everything inside, from stock to employees, is one you will never regret and can only bring peace of mind to business owners who want to protect their assets. So, whether you need a quick fix now with a simple door-protection system, or you want to spend a little more and feel the added benefit of a fully fitted Bosch alarm system alongside controlling who can access different areas of your business, we promise to help you with a little disruption to your staff as possible. Whatever your business requirements, give us a call to discuss your options.